News on Marc Romboy cancelation

Dear friends. We are sad to announce that Marc Romboy will not be joining us for the opening of Sphear. As the week has unfolded, most of you would now be aware of the cancellations of acts due to breaches of contractual agreements by the Earthcore Festival Group.

We had contracts signed and paid the Earthcore group for Marc Romboy to appear at our Sphear launch over 2 months ago.
In the last few days when we noticed artists cancelling from the festival, we attempted to contact Earthcore many times without a single reply to get an answer as to what was going on and if our gig with Marc Romboy would be affected by this.
We reached out to Marc Romboy who confirmed to us 2 days ago that he was extremely sorry but he’s had to cancel his trip to Australia due to breaches of contract by Earthcore, which unfortunately includes our show.

Moving forward we are now very happy to announce that DAVE ANGEL (who has also cancelled his appearance at Earthcore) has agreed to come out exclusively to play at our launch next week!

As you can imagine we are over the moon as it’s been a pretty stressful last few days and we can’t thank Dave enough for doing this for us.
Dave is a Techno legend and this will be his first appearance in the country in 20 years!
We hope to see you all there and we look forward to and amazing opening night next Saturday.

We do apologize for not being able to present Marc Romboy as planned, but the issues surrounding Earthcore have been well out of our control.

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